Trip Trip-Ups: Design a Trip Leader Training That Works

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Author: Ariella Rogge, Elizabeth Rundle
Length: 63 minutes
Published: 2013
Format: DVD

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At one time or another, almost every camp has experienced a camper trip that had an unexpected and undesirable incident. Trip Trip-Ups: Design a Trip Leader Training ThatWorks provides an overview of the process for designing trip leader training that isconsistent with a camp's best practices. In that regard, the DVD explains how to guide new(as well as experienced) trip leaders through scenarios that reinforce good judgment, use resources appropriately, and apply critical thinking skills.

Among the topics covered:
  • Who are your trip leaders? What do they have? Need?
  • Critical trip-leading skills for your camp
  • The teen and emerging adult brain
  • How to teach judgment to staff who have limited judgment experience
  • How to design relevant trip-leader training
  • Develop critical thinking skills in trip leaders