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Food Requests And Allergies: A Panel Discussion

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Author: Genie Gunn, Jefferey Hinkle, Ann Peterka, Matt Brown, Jennifer Salkewicz
Length: 74 minutes
Published: 2012
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008249893
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From requests for vegetarian and vegan menus to nut allergies and gluten-free products, life inside the kitchen at camp has changed dramatically over the last decade. As such, campers, staff, and volunteers are coming to camp with more and more requests (as well as expectations) of food service programs at camps. Food Requests and Allergies: A Panel Discussion features a panel of food service professionals who discuss these issues and share their experiences and approaches to addressing them.

Among the topics covered:

• Dealing with food requests from campers
• Dealing with food allergies
• Working with food distributors
• Healthy food ideas
• Current challenges