The Four Archetypes of Modern Manhood

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Author: Jeff Leiken
Length: 77 minutes
Published: 2012
Format: DVD

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The Four Archetypes of Modern Manhood addresses the issue of whom camps are hiring—boys, bros, guys, and men, and which are they raising. The DVD takes a poignant look into the four archetypes of modern manhood that entice boys in our current society and create substantial challenges in camp, as well as in the noncamp world. The DVD is designed for camps that may find it demanding to locate responsible role-model male staff, may struggle in their efforts to develop their own such male staff, or simply want to do everything in their power to help supply the world with responsible men. The DVD examines the question of “where have the good men gone?” and details what can be done to produce more good men.

Among the topics covered:

• Where have all the good men gone?
• Boy
• Bro
• Guy
• Man
• Managing boys
• Managing bros
• Managing guys
• The conversations and life experiences that grow boys into men