A Leader’s Legacy

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Author: Robert Burns
Length: 65 minutes
Published: 2011
Format: DVD

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A Leader’s Legacy details strategies that camp professionals can employ to influence, inspire, and impact all of the individuals around them. The DVD explains how to teach staff to overcome any problem or obstacle, without needing a Ph.D. The DVD emphasizes the point that from homesickness to anxiety, unmotivated staff to bullying, no problem is too difficult to solve. The DVD is designed as a resource for camp leaders who want to leave a legacy worth remembering and who are interested in being an influencer capable of helping others achieve more than they considered possible. In addition, the DVD reviews the three forces that shape all human emotions and behaviors.

Among the topics covered:

• Leadership and legacy
• Building rapport
• Influence for success
• Understanding emotions/behaviors
• Success constraints
• Leaving a legacy worth remembering