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Do This, Not That: Put Your Staff Training on a Diet

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Author: Kim Aycock
Length: 68 minutes
Published: 2011
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008121199
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Do This, Not That: Put Your Staff Training on a Diet reviews how camps can learn the truth about their current schedule for training staff and details the best and worst ways that camps can boost the learning power of their staff. The DVD also outlines how camps can make simple adjustments to their orientation agenda that can reduce overall training time. In addition, the DVD looks at teaching methods for training staff that will simultaneously improve the staff’s retention of critical information.

Among the topics covered:

• Do this
• Do this: preview
• Do this: provide variety in training locations
• Do this: get up and move
• Do this: pass the apple
• Do this: rewind
• Do this: pictures
• Do this: fruit salad
• Do this: ongoing training
• Do this: incorporate humor