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Inoculating Your Children Against Sexual Abuse: What Every Parent Should Know!

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Author: Norman E. Friedman
Length: 96 pages
Published: 2006
Format: Brokered Book

Product Code: 1-4196-2880-1
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Brokered Book
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Professional educator and mental health practitioner Norman E. Friedman gives parents and teachers a wise and powerful manual for recognizing and thwarting child predators. You’ll learn all the must-have information you need to attempt to stop a predator in his tracks. While the first half of the book is a resource for adults, the second section is a virtual training manual for parents to teach their children how to keep themselves safe from harm. Parents will learn how to gain a comfort level that lets them teach self-protection without anxiety or embarrassment. Filled with lessons that can be taught to children as young as 18 months of age, this is a new and revolutionary way of helping to keep our children safe. Education and prevention of molestation is every parent’s primary responsibility. And this wise and informational book can help you to meet the challenge. Experience Friedman’s theory that, "The fight against child molesters begins by teaching the children."